Step2 Education

Step2 Education offers courses specifically designed to meet the needs of Hospitals and Health Organizations at different stages of the Baby Friendly Journey. From the first steps on the Baby Friendly pathway to coming up to reaccreditation, we strive to provide the very best courses to help you achieve your goals.

The Breastfeeding Essentials courses have been designed to meet the needs of hospitals requiring Baby Friendly Staff Education for their hospital or health organisation. Each and every course meets the needs of the participants and the requirements of the WHO/UNICEF's Baby Friendly Hospitals Initiative. These courses are evidence based, high-quality and peer reviewed, ensuring that your staff complete the course with the knowledge they require to successfully work in a Baby Friendly Hospital.

Following the excitement, and relief, of receiving your Baby Friendly accreditation, you will soon be turning your thoughts to keeping that hard-won plaque. Having a work force that is up-to-date in their knowledge and skills will make it so much easier.

We've developed some short courses and offer 1-hour lectures from experts in the field that will keep your staff motivated and well-educated on the latest research on breastfeeding, and keep Baby Friendly top of mind. The shorter courses help you to spread the costs over the intervening years, and make learning even more enjoyable for your staff.